How To Increase The Size Of Your Penis

When it comes to us – men, most of us are insecure about our penis size. It’s something that’s common for everyone. Even men with an average sized penis are sometimes insecure about their size. They fear what the reaction will be once they strip down in front of the girl and most people think that just 2 inches would solve all of their problems.
Well, if you’re one of those guys, you’ve come to the right place, and your dream about two additional inches (or more) will come true once you read this article and do the things we’re going to talk about.
First of all, there are no tricks involved. You won’t have to undergo any surgery, you won’t have to take any medication, this is solely based on physical exercise.
Just like any other muscle in your body, your penis can be enlarged through proper exercise and here are just a few you can do in your spare time.

The first exercise you can practice is Jelqing.

What you have to do is pretty simple. All this exercise requires from you is to create an OK sign with your hand and gently but firmly grip the base of your penis and slowly stroke outwards.

This exercise can be done while you are flaccid or semi erect. You should feel completely fine and if anything is unpleasant or hurting, you’re doing it wrong. Practicing this a few days a week regularly will grant you at least half an inch after a few months.

The second exercise is called Stretching.

This is a pretty simple one and all you have to do is grab the base and the head of your penis and pull in opposite directions. Again, don’t cause and discomfort to yourself while doing this. If it’s hurting you apply less pressure.
If you don’t like doing any of these exercises by yourself and you want an easier way, you can buy a Penis pump. This is ultimately the same as a penis exercise, but it’s controlled mechanically and it doesn’t require any effort from you. How penis pump works is pretty simple, you place it over your penis and it will create a partial vacuum. This vacuum will decrease pressure and it will allow for the tissue of your penis to expand and fill with more blood.

Another ”machine” for penis enlargement that works naturally is called a penis extender. A penis extender works on stretching principles.

It’s almost identical as stretching exercise, just more controlled and doesn’t require any effort. With this device you will be able to hold your penis in an extended position for a significant amount of time, decreasing the time you need in order to achieve the desired size.

And lastly – Kegels.

This particular exercise won’t increase your size, but it will allow harder, longer and stronger erections. Once you reach the desired size, isn’t stamina what’s really important? Kegel exercise improves the blood flow which is ultimately responsible for all these amazing benefits.