Myths Against the Facts- with Electric Vibrators

Electric Vibrators are one of the most used and in demand type of sex toy people purchase to have themselves pleasured. There are women who are adventurous enough to try and some, will just stick into what is natural and traditional. You know, there’s always no wrong in trying unless you are hurting yourself and your partner. So to help you, the following will give you a myth busting facts about electric vibrators that you should know.

Electric Vibrators are just for losers/ loners

This is just a big and useless myth because according to surveys, women may tend to use the device after marriage. The tendency is that their men will no longer capable of pleasuring them as age grows.

Actually, women no longer need it, a tongue and finger could satisfy her just fine.

This is a myth that every vibrator user will disagree with. Using electric vibrator will give you the control of the pleasure and the speed of penetration. By this, it would really work better than using jus tongue and finger to drive the woman crazy. Another advantage of the device is to lessen any kind of discomfort when having sex, so pleasure is the pure thing she can achieve. Best sex toys in Australia provider and best price from other companies.

Users have the chance of performing poorer with real sex

Using electric vibrators will never affect any of you and your partner, actually this will just add up to the play and excitement you too are sharing with one bed. What’s the most important thing for both of you to have is the open communication, in which, you will be able to know what will pleasure most to each other so that you will be able to meet the orgasm fairly.

You partner will be left out

Your vibrator could never replace your partner in real life. Vibrators will just set you in full stimulation and not to be able to cuddle, kiss you, and say nice words to you. Women, when in bed with their partner will still opt to have real sex with them instead of using vibrators. This device will just make you feel contented and prevent yourself from seeking sexual pleasures when men are away.

Vibrators will give you addiction

This is so much myth for you to handle. This is a false information you must not believe, never a carpenter get addicted with his tools. Remember that vibrators are just your solution to dull and boring sex and will never replace sex anyway. This will just make things so much better with a twist. Sex is what you will be addicted of and not the device itself.

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